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 Hi, my name is Agatha Avery. My father is the head of the biggest gang in the country. I've been alone ever since I was a kid, hiding from the police while doing my fathers dirty work.
  My friend is the one who saved me from killing myself. She's a chestnut brown haired girl with a big chest and long wavy hair. Her name is Jessica Mays. We met again at summer camp together in 2009. I planed to get away from my family because I couldn't handle the emotions anymore for what I've done working under fear of my father.

  I've done what he wanted so he would let me have one thing and I choose to go to camp. When I was fifteen she was sixteen at the time when she found me trying to stab myself in the throat. I recognized her as one of the victims I've killed. 

  I remember her because she was the one I let to live. She had eyes that pleaded for mercy I want to live. So I couldn't bring myself to kill her. I hit her in the head with the blunt side of my knife and left her unconscious. So I took her to the hospital left her in one of the beds with a note saying " The money is in her pocket take her in and care for her"  Since then I watched from time to time. I made sure she found a good family that had nothing to with ours over the years I just forgot about her. 

  I made more murders than I could count to get away from my father again to get permission to go to school. She and I live together now on the west side of Seattle. We go to college at UST. She and I have been living together to pay off the rent for our apartment. In my second year of college we rented the apartment it has one bathroom in the hall, two bedrooms with their own personal bathroom, kitchen, and really big living room.

  I was always envious of her. She is the exact opposite of me. She's tall, beautiful ,kind , generous, and easy to talk to. I hear people say that I'm hard to approach because of my glair and that I'm just average. That I can hardly compare to her beauty. 

  Only reason I'm still alive is because I was a fool to get close to her, but if I leave this world she'd go with me. I would never want that on the person I care for the most. So live on every day as I hope there's chance to break away so I can never hurt her. When I'm with her you should watch out because I won't forgive you if you mess with her I take it personally. Now I live on hoping the day never comes when she finds out what I did to her family .


  In the apartment sun was just rising. The day had began but there was nothing to look forward to. I was tossing and turning in bed having night mares like I usually do. I was so alone dreaming of the voices of the people I stole the lives from saying " You monster how dare you be happy when I can't spend another day of my life with my family! how could you live with out thinking of the children that's lost a parent! My children! When are you going to pay for your sins when will your rain of terror end?!" "Ahhh!". As I start to see Jessica saying something I think but I can't hear it seems so distant. I feel my body being moved but I can't stay asleep forever "Please Jessica wake me up I can't do it myself I'm sorry." As I think while starting to loose my consciousness again. 

  I come to Agatha's room to find her screaming in her sleep. I find myself thinking"I'm worried about her I should wake her up.". I shake her hard but she won't wake up "Aghh~" " Agatha wake up you classes are about to start soon in an hour it's a half a hour drive form hear to school!". I see her starting to wake up. I carry her to the showers in her bathroom and start to undress myself and her striping the clothes off one by one. She wouldn't wake up so I'll just have to knock some sense into her.
   Before I entered the showers I look at her. Her eyes are open but she won't respond to me. I feel scared but can't help feel attracted to her I want to do thing I shouldn't but know it was inevitable to stop myself from it so lean in and kiss her. She feels nothing except disappointment not being able to do this to her while she's awake. As I put Agatha down looking at her body line sighing wishing that I knew her more and that she desires her.

 "Huh!?" I'm finally able to start moving again. Looking around I see that I'm naked vulnerable. I jerk away looking to only see Jessica startled. Jessica stands up "Oh, good your awake hurry let's take a shower and get ready class starts soon!".

  Startled I get in the tub as well start to turn on the water suddenly realizing that I that I didn't know how I got undressed. I start ask Jessica ,but she says to hurry as she makes her way in. 

  Humiliated I start to hurry out falling. Jessica accidentally steps on the bottle of shampoo covering me in it. She turns off the shower head and starts looking at me moving forward she slips landing on me. Jessica starts to say sorry for making a mess but was stopped. I put my finger to her lips and shush her. She looked so alluring I lean in starting to run my hands down her body and start kissing her. As if in a trance

  " This feels so good!" I think while kissing her. Agatha's lips are so soft that I melt right into it realizing that she looked so irresistible. As I backed away to give her space. She says " Continue don't leave me lost in this mess" blushing like crazy with her covering her face. As I grab her and lift her of the ground bringing her into the shower I say " Shouldn't that be my line".

  I start to turn on the water again and wash her stroking softly around her chest carefully stroking her flicking the shampoo of her nipple. Feeling a rush that makes me shutter making my way down to her clit carefully stroking the soft flesh back ad forth in a circular motion. Starting to enter her she grabs me and pulls me into a kiss then pushes me away running out of the bathroom into my room and locks it.

  "I can't believe I just did that. I need to hide how could I let myself loose after I worked so hard to keep her contained the blood thirsty me." thinking that as I cried. I left the house dressed with her clothes without realizing it leaving before Jessica could follow me. Getting on my motor cycle "2013 Harley-Davidson Softail Heritage Softail Classic 110th Anniversary Edition" I got it when I first entered college. Jessica's motor cycle "BMW F800R 2012" we ride together from time to time on our breaks. She rushes out of the house to catch up to me. I start to fall feeling dizzy due to the shock of what I just did.

  " Agatha!" I say as I catch her. I pick her up and bring her inside. I go to the phone to call the professor saying that we would be absent today for her class. I go back to Agatha on the couch where I left her. I start to take off her leather jacket and riding goggles. She starts to get up I push her down saying to rest. I went to get a thermometer to check her temperature  she had a fever of 38.2 degrees Fahrenheit. I start to pick her up and bring her into my room. She says she's sorry for what she did in the bathroom.

  I start to cry she asks what's wrong. I ask " Is it wrong to like you?".  She looks down feeling bad. I lay her down in bed and I say sorry and leave the room after tucking her into my bed. I go to the kitchen and make her porridge and some hot black tea. I leave it with her and she starts eating it as she eats I fall asleep next to her. Having a dream of us touring the country side on her bike.

  "I'm such a idiot" I think to myself as I start to get out of the bed not bothering Jessica. I leave the room to get dressed. I rush out of the house to get to the tool shed again in the parking lot and take out my bike. The landowner was kind enough to let us rent out his tool shed of apartment building for our bikes. As I start it Jessica comes out startled I start to leave on my bike she chases after me on hers. 

  I go down some allies and parks and lost her around the fifth ally. I needed to go to the  meeting place at a bar in down town Chicago. I leave my bike I in the back ally and go in through the back door. I go to the man in the corner and whisper " Man at midnight goes to a river with a bag." He calls over some other guy named Matthew to lead me into the back room I start to go in the back. Taking some pills from Matthew to stop the dizziness.

  I go up to the man with the most prostitutes around him and ask " What job do you want me to do Boss" my dad assigned me to this man as long as I was in Chicago he made me do some information collection work and some dirty stuff on the side. We meet behind the bar inside a secret strip club meant for most prestige gangs in all of America. I go to him and ask for the assignment he says "Come on doll stop being so cold and lets have some fun on the bed I'll give you a fine time."

  I grab his crotch and squeeze it hard saying " Pops what's the assignment.". He starts saying " Damn bitch!" handing me the folder. I open it up as he says " A girl keeps coming to the bar asking for you. What's her name Alexis. Shocked to hear him mention my sisters name I stood there asking what she wanted with me. He ignores me and says "I want you to go on a break from assignments". "Just do this last job for now and kill a man named Kane Walker he's been on to us for the past couple months. You need you to sleep with a girl named Jessica Mays in the C.I.A. 

 She is his assistant she's still in college people say that she would become the best agent as long she passes her first mission then she would go onto training to become on the field agent." Shocked I leave the building crying " thinking that Jessica would suspect me.".  A man follows me outside saying that the boss say that your sister would meet you at twelve noon today. I look at my watch seeing that it says half past seven. I get on my bike and rush toward the apartment calling Jessica on the way saying that I'm going to come home I would be okay. As I get home I strip nude onto my bed and sleep.

  "Damn it Agatha" I told her to stay still. As I turn the corner of Charlsetton Rd. my phone rings. I look at the i.d. I see that it was my boss Mr. Walker.

 " Jessica. I have a mission for you this is your first mission. I want you to know this is very important that this could determine your position in the C.I.A. you have to go and kill James Omally." I start to ask who that is as I ride down the road to the secret supply shop for the agents. 

  " Jessica he is the most notorious criminal out their on the street. You can get information from a girl named Alexis Avery on where he is. She's the second daughter of the top gang boss in the country James works for her father and is his left hand man. She is said to be in Seattle and for some strange reason she's going to your place." I think that it couldn't be that she couldn't be related to Agatha. That Agatha was the most beautiful gentle person in the world.

  " Okay sir I'll seduce her into getting the information out of her. But, sir who is his right hand man?"

  " That would be his first daughter she is attending the same school as you and has been on the low for some time now."

  I hurry down the street as fast the law would allow me to go and got my supplies and went straight home.

  "Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep!" I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock beeping annoyingly. I get up to put the alarm clock on snooze when suddenly a  shuriken hits it. I know only one person that has a habit of doing that. " Agatha long time no see." as Alexis jumps off the top corner of the wall.

  "You're paying for that it costs $12." saying that as I get out of bed to get dressed.

  "You know why I'm here dear Sister"

  " I really don't know what is the occasion for you to show your presence to me ooh great pain in the butt one?"
  "Agatha you know why I'm here. I came here to tell you that your living with a C.I.A. agent to be and your supposed to sleep with her. I just recently got word of her first mission to get word out of me by sleeping with me."

  I look at her annoyed and going in to the living room to sit and catch up on studies " So what it's not like I care of what her mission is."

  " You should care because she has a suspicion that your my sister."

  " Thanks for the heads up captain obvious."

  " Okay I see your clearly annoyed with your fever and all. I just wanted to ask you to hold off your assignment till she's finished with hers."

  " Hey how'd you..."

  " Intuition and bye!"

  "Hey!" as I call out to her she disappears into the roof top of the next few buildings. 

  As I take out my keys to open the door I see a shadow go by on the roof of the next building. I decide that it was nothing. Entering the room to see Agatha in the living room in only a shirt and underwear.

  To tease her I say " Hey Aggy puts some clothes on that barely covers you.". I start to think about what happened this morning about one of sex episodes. She usually doesn't remember but, this one was a disaster.

  " Jessica stop it I know you like it. Any way do you know what time it is you should be doing your studies the Professor will be mad if we don't study after we called in absent for today." 

  " You should be resting especially because of your fever."

  " Don't worry it's gone" as I try to make light of the situation especially after today's morning disaster.

  I want to tell her so bad about her episodes but then she'll go find help for her problems. When she does that then she won't be able to have sex with each other even though she is unaware of it.


  I hope she doesn't start to ask me questions about my family. " Uhh. Hey. Do you want to go on a trip to the log cabin by the lake we went to last year?" Trying to make plans for spring.

 Jessica looks nervous saying " I can't this year I have to work over times at the shelter to get my community hours. Any way how about you and me go to your room I have a surprise."

 I start to panic thinking about the shuriken in the room. I yell "Wait let me get dressed first give my 45 seconds."

  "Okay but only 45 seconds anything more I'll come and storm in."

  I clean up and put on some clothes when I realize the shuriken is still out I grab it then Jessica comes into the room. She has a box that's wrapped and starts to yell
"Happy Birthday and I got you a present!" panicking I put the shuriken on the strap of my thigh where my other blades where. She  opens the box and a puppy jumps out. I fall over startled.

  It's a good thing I found that secret room in my closet. I hope that she likes it. She looked down lately and lonely so what better love to give her than puppy love.

  " Oh he's lovely! I forgot today was my birthday."

  "I hope you like it the dog knows all the basic commands and more." I say as I think to myself about his training to detect bombs and go on mission. " I thought we could use some company since we really like dogs and such I thought we could get one. So what are you going to name him?"

  " I think Kodi. You know short for Kodiak."

 " Well that suits him because his parents were sled dogs."


 I think to myself for a moment I wish that my life was like this calm and peaceful but I can't be. I look up at Jessica and say " Hey Jess you wanna see what I got for you?"

  "What are you talking about Aggy it's your birthday?"

  " Well I'm so grateful I decided to do something for you and I promise neither of us will regret it."

  Jessica tilts her head unsure then says okay. I tell her to put this blind fold on and drink some milk. I give her some milk with a  sleeping pill in it. She drinks it without question and falls asleep right after.

  "Oww! My head I have a huge splitting headache." I start to get up but something was holding me down. Some one takes the blindfold off. it was Agatha " Hey what are you doin?"

 " I have  treat for you now spread your legs."

  I start to protest then out of nowhere she hits me with a wip.

  "What were you about to say sweetie?"

  " Nothing." I was so confused on what was happening until I see that Agatha is having one of her episodes. I calm down and start to relax until she brings some thing out. She snaps her fingers the I start to grow a dick it comes out I start to feel pleasure. I was confused she put a strap around my dick then brings out this cream thing. She rubs it over my vagina and ass hole.

  " Wait what is ...?"

  " Smack" goes the whip then she says " Did I say you can speak?"

  " No." I look away to the wall.

  " Good now hold still as I rub this on."

  I start to feel it almost immediately the burning sensation from the cream then I realize its mint. She then starts stroking my penis and I feel a burning itching sensation. She keeps rubbing and fingering me till I couldn't handle it anymore.

  " Aghh! Please stop I can't hold it on any more!" She then presses a button then all the semen comes out spurting all over myself.

   She then leaves more cream on me and then leaves.


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